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Upcoming Expeditions

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Join me in  2019, 2020, & 2021!

  1. Newfoundland, Labrador Coast, Torngat Mountains and Baffin Island in July 2019 – download PDF information flyer
  2. Siberia and Wrangel Island expedition in August 2019 – download PDF information flyer
  3. In November 2020, I’m putting together a small group to Namibia Botswana to Victoria Falls

Herald Island, Siberia

“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.” -Dalai Lama

The best gelato in Italy is in Tuscany!

Coming soon, my 2020 and 2021 escapades:

  • A gastronomic walk in southern Italy
  • An unplugged Canadian adventure
  • Falklands and South Georgia in depth
  • Deep in the Canadian Arctic expedition
  • The Marquesas and Easter Islands
  • The gorillas of Africa, Rwanda and Uganda


Carole Gobeil, Arctic/Antarctica & Africa Travel Specialist, Customized Adventures

If you live in the Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Montreal and Western Quebec regions, I would love to meet you! If this is not possible, let’s talk by phone or webcam.
Of course, emails work too, we can start that way to get to know each other.


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Carole is a travel consultant with Far Horizons, Experts in Creative Travel (established 1986), located in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. Carole lives in Ottawa and caters to clients throughout the world. We are all connected.

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Thank You!

I would like to extend a very special thank you to the following photographers who have a keen eye for capturing unforgettable moments during my travels:

  • Michelle Valberg, for my cover picture in Ilulissat, Greenland holding a mountain. 
  • Joanne Tremblay, for some fun shots and videos in the Canadian Arctic, NWT, Tanzania and Killarney. 
  • Gary Krosin, for my Siberia shots; and Sergey Dolya for Herard Island in Siberia.
  • Paulin Lafontaine, for the kayaking photo in the Arctic. 
  • Blachford Lodge, for their northern lights picture. 
  • Kenny Stainback, for the King penguin video in South Georgia. 
  • Derik Kyostia, of me and the group talking to the seal in Antarctica. 
  • André Ouellet, Morocco camels.  
  • Ejaz Khan, for the breathtaking photo of the wolf.
  • Alex Di Suvero, for my ship, aurora and full moon picture taken on my first Arctic expedition in 2005. We had a blast on that trip!

My heart goes out to an amazing photographer friend, Gerard, who left us last July. As a world traveler, he sure lived his life to the fullest. He is the driver, clicker and voice in my funky polar bear encounter in Churchill. I sure miss his daring sense of humour.