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For me, it all started in 2012 when a colleague referred me to Carole. Best advice ever.

I have booked many customized trips through Carole. Short getaways, wild and crazy, Arctic, Antarctica. It is always more than I expect. I’m serious when I say that.

In 2013 Carole helped me make my childhood dream come true. An African Safari including trekking with the Gorillas in Rwanda. Life changing. After my return, I could not wait to share my adventure with Carole. The personalized trip she built for us was more than I expected. I made a promise to myself, that I would return one day.

In November 2018 I joined Carole on my second trip to Tanzania. She prepared a magnificent fully packed itinerary for 4 adventurous ladies. Safari, culture, food, accommodation & even some surprises.

Carole has an excellent rapport with her operators and knows the meaning of quality.

When she accompanies a group, she is patient, attentive to details & always available to answer your questions and keeping you posted on upcoming activities. She commits to making sure her guests are well prepared prior to departure. That is a key factor !

I am looking forward to joining Carole & friends on our next voyage – Labrador/ Torngat Mountains. We all have the same addiction; to explore our blue planet home as much as we can.

“One adventure with Carole, leads to another. It’s like your favorite snack, you definitely have to take more than one bite.”

~~Joanne Tremblay (Jo) Canada