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I really enjoy seeking Carole’s help in planning and creating my travel experiences because she is so knowledgeable and versatile, has great travel ideas, and I can leave all the more difficult parts of creating a trip, like finding the best airfares, in her knowledgeable hands.

Carole has insights to offer whether I am planning a cruise or an adventure tour of a distant destination like Burma.  She always has ideas, options on airfares for example (and of course, when she reserves my flights she makes sure the points are added to my Aeroplan account), or ideas for “add-ons” to complete a trip. Recently, I wanted to add another destination to my first trip to Africa, after a safari in Tanzania.  At her suggestion, I followed the safari with a historical tour of Ethiopia, which turned out to be absolutely fascinating, but which I would not have thought of myself.

Carole is a conscientious travel agent, making use of local operators so that our tourist dollars flow into the local economy, and I always have knowledgeable local guides.

Carole to able to satisfy all kinds of travel needs. For example, last year, for a short winter holiday with a friend, I told Carole that we wanted a week away in the sun, but that the trip had to be cheap, with “no beaching” (my friend did not care for lying on a beach).  Carole found us an excellent one-week cultural tour of Cuba, through a local company, that was very interesting, not expensive , and a lot of fun. It matched our requirements perfectly.

Carole also encourages me to visit destinations I might not otherwise have chosen.  At her suggestion, this summer I am taking a cruise up the Canadian east coast which includes the Torngat Mountains National Park and ends in Iqaluit. I have never explored Canada’s north before and am really looking forward to it.