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Expedition cruise destinations today:


Take an expedition cruise to Antarctica (Subantarctica Islands, Falklands, South Georgia, the peninsula, Ross Sea), Alaska, the Amazon,  Arctic (Norway, the archipelago of Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, Canadian Arctic, Siberia),  Ireland , Scotland and Faroe islands, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, the Canadian Maritimes, Costa Rica and Panama, Galapagos Islands, the Sea of Cortez, Patagonia, New Zealand and the Western and South Pacific, the Polynesian and Marquesas islands, the islands of the Atlantic, South African coast to the Seychelles.

Every year, new destinations are added to this list and the world is getting smaller?!


We are now entering a new era of luxury expedition cruising.  A number of cruise lines are attempting to create a fusion between the exploratory aspects of expedition cruising with high end luxury touches. Companies like Silversea, Scenic and Crystal are entering this fast paced growing market.  There are important differences. What are they? Of course you are welcomed to call me and I will be more than happy to help! Contact me.

What is expedition cruising?

  • An expedition cruise ship can take you where the big ships cannot go, like a Galapagos or Antarctica cruise, where there is a 100 passenger limit per vessel.
  • Expedition ships rarely hold more than 200 people, and are often much smaller.
  • You will sail to some of the most remote and pristine places on Earth.
  • Excursions are divided into smaller groups, reaching land with safe zodiacs and experienced drivers.
  • The onshore groups are usually divided in smaller packs based on fitness level and interest, hiking, kayaking and or easier going folks taking a leisurely, naturist-led walk along the shoreline.
  • You will often have access to places that cannot be reached by land.
  • You will have the chance of meeting interesting, well traveled fellow passengers and staff.
  • One key part of any expedition cruise is the emphasis on learning.
  • Expedition cruises are led by biologists, geologists, anthropologists, historians and other specialists who can identify the local wildlife or offer a cultural perspective on the place you are exploring.
  • Some expedition cruises also offer photography experts, or thematic photo symposiums.
  • Your landings are at the mercy of the weather and environment, (ice, wind) or local inhabitants like polar bears.
  • Your itinerary may change, but you will always have great alternatives.
  • On an expedition ship, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed at all times.
  • The whole experience is about learning, with a touch of entertainment occasionally thrown in to spice things up and keep the trip from getting too serious.

Polar expedition cruising: my passion!

Since 1996, I have traveled to the Arctic (Canada, Greenland, Norway and Siberia), Antarctica, Patagonia, the Galapagos and Alaska regions as an explorer and as a tour leader. 

My questions to you, to help me choose the perfect polar voyage for your personal experience would be the following: 

What do you want to see and experience in the Arctic: a) huge icebergs and impressive glaciers, b) breathtaking scenery, c) polar bears and as much wildlife as possible, d) the aurora borealis, e) cultural experiences and history?? 

 And for Antarctica:  a) do you want to see Kings or Emperors? b) what type of icebergs do you want to see, glacial or tabular? c) do you want to see (smell and hear) the mating season of some specific mammals, birds or penguins? d) did you want to see the penguin chicks? e) how do you choose between the Falklands, South Georgia, the Antarctic peninsula, crossing the circle, or the Ross sea?

Which operators offer expedition cruising?

I work closely with many expedition cruising companies, and my costs are the same as theirs. No surprises! I will add value, personal recommendations, pre and post services, flights, clothing preparation and tips, visa and medical advice, insurance quotes and more. 

My valued partners:

Quark Expeditions , Aurora Expeditions, Oceanwide Expeditions, Adventure Canada, Gadventures, Uncruise Alaska, Le Ponant, Polar Latitudes, Hurtigruten, Lindblad Expeditions, Maple Leaf Adventures, Zegrahm Expeditions, National Geographic Expeditions and more.

 There are also many great options of combining these polar voyages with a continuity cruise to rarely visited islands like St Helena, Tristan da Cunha, or Cape Verde.



Carole Gobeil, Arctic/Antarctica & Africa Travel Specialist, Customized Adventures

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Thank You!

I would like to extend a very special thank you to the following photographers who have a keen eye for capturing unforgettable moments during my travels:

  • Michelle Valberg, for my cover picture in Ilulissat, Greenland holding a mountain. 
  • Joanne Tremblay, for some fun shots and videos in the Canadian Arctic, NWT, Tanzania and Killarney. 
  • Gary Krosin, for my Siberia shots; and Sergey Dolya for Herard Island in Siberia.
  • Paulin Lafontaine, for the kayaking photo in the Arctic. 
  • Blachford Lodge, for their northern lights picture. 
  • Kenny Stainback, for the King penguin video in South Georgia. 
  • Derik Kyostia, of me and the group talking to the seal in Antarctica. 
  • André Ouellet, Morocco camels.  
  • Ejaz Khan, for the breathtaking photo of the wolf.
  • Alex Di Suvero, for my ship, aurora and full moon picture taken on my first Arctic expedition in 2005. We had a blast on that trip!

My heart goes out to an amazing photographer friend, Gerard, who left us July 2018. As a world traveler, he sure lived his life to the fullest. He is the driver, clicker and voice in my funky polar bear encounter in Churchill. I sure miss his daring sense of humour.