Upcoming Expeditions

 Travel with Carole in  2017 – 2019

  • Antarctica, Crossing the Antarctic Circle January 2018. V1 Crossing the Antarctic Circle Jan 2018;  sold out.
  • Tanzania and Rwanda Safari, November 2018; small private group, info to come.
  • From Newfoundland, Labrador Coast to Baffin, July 2019;
  • SIGNATURE VOYAGE: Return to Siberia, the top of the world expedition, to Wrangel and Herard Islands, August 2019;  see the best of the Arctic wildlife, 2018 voyages sold out, book by December 31, 2017 (or sooner) to guarantee your space and 2018 pricing! for more information: Far Horizons AcrossTopWorld 2019
  • The best of Patagonia, November 2019; small ship cruising in the Magellan strait, Beagle Channel and Cape Horn with Torres Del Paine.

Photo tour of Iceland with  Nina Slavlund and Tony Beck en anglais

  • Iceland for photographers and nature lovers , June 2018; Please contact me for more information.

Travel is in my soul and learning is important to me. In 1990, I  introduced the first “One Stop Adventure Travel Shop”in Ottawa.

In those years and just prior, I traveled to Australia, China, Japan, Asia, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Polynesian Islands, Kenya, Turkey, Mongolia, Europe, USA, Caribbean, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada. The never endless journey of exploring new countries, their people and their traditions. Do I have the travel bug?

There is nothing better than sharing hands on experiences with you! To say, “I have been there” sure beats hours of web research and confusion for you. My extensive years working in the travel and tourism industry easily honors my credentials as a professional travel consultant.

Here are the more recent voyages, either exploring or escorting groups:

  • Morocco Photo group, October 2009 *FR
  • Costa Rica, April 2010
  • South Africa, January 2010 FR
  • South Africa and Namibia Photo group, February 2011 *FR
  • Tuscany, April 2011
  • Tanzania, November 2011
  • The Azores, May 2012
  • Polar bear migration group, Churchill and north November 2012 with Arctic Kingdom *FR
  • South Georgia expedition March 2013 with Oceanwide
  • Iceland, November 2013
  • Yukon: Whitehorse, the Dempster and Inuvik, and NWT March 2014
  •  Northwest Passage and Baffin group August 2014, with an extended land visit to Cape Dorset, Baffin Island, Nunavut with One Ocean
  • Patagonia, from Argentina to Chile on the Australis, December, 2014 with Australis
  • Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica peninsula group, February 2015 with One Ocean *FR
  • Bosnia and Rome, May 2015, customized
  • Baffin and Greenland group August 2015 with Adventure Canada
  • Siberia,  the Russian Arctic expedition August September 2016 with Heritage Expeditions
  • le parc provincial Killarney avec TV5, Septembre 2016; Emission à venir en 2017. *FR
  • Northwest Passage, Baffin and Greenland group, August 2017 with One Ocean
  • Maritimes expedition group, September 2017 with One Ocean

*FR voyage en Français

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