Is there an exotic destination you’re looking to visit, maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime voyage you’ve been dreaming of all these years? Are you inspired by the exhilarating wonders and adventures that are a natural part of any travel experience – the people, culture, food, music and art, the wildlife, or the wide-open spaces? My name is Carole Gobeil and I am a professional travel consultant who specializes in adventure and customized exotic travel. Since 1975, I have been making dreams a reality, learning from my clients and from my own personal experiences what it takes to create an extraordinary voyage. I am passionate about building unforgettable creative adventures that take me on the roads less traveled. Let me help you build yours. Are you on information overload from spending hundreds of hours on the web looking for answers to your next trip?  I do ad lots of valued added first hand knowledge, expertise and local contacts.  What all my clients appreciate the most is leaving with a peace of mind knowing they are well taken care of from the beginning to the end!


  • I’ll help you save time and reduce your levels of stress and frustrations.
  • My 41 years of experience in the travel, airline and tourism industries will be at your disposal.
  • I work with a team of local operators around the world, my trusted partners.
  • I provide expert advice and first-hand knowledge as your destination specialist.
  • I provide services in both English and French.
  • Every operator on the web will tell you they can offer you the best product. As an experienced travel broker, chances are I’ve traveled with these operators and will give you my own unbiased opinion and help you choose the best product suited for you.


To help my clients discover the world in a safe, exciting way. I believe that if you travel with an open mind and an open heart, the world will unfold it’s magic.

Moments in time

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