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Arctic Expeditions – Travel to the Arctic – Voyager en Arctique (version française à venir)

Every year we have new itineraries to choose from. I have been on ten of these voyages and I can help you choose the one best suited to you. I personally invite you to join me on my specially chosen group departures which I personally escort. 2018 departures coming soon!

Land Packages: We have some interesting land packages available. You can join an exclusive, small group for a photography tour, floe edge adventure, polar bear migration experience, hiking … or I can build you a customized itinerary with whatever theme you desire: Inuit art, dog sledding, Aurora borealis, participation in local festivities, etc.

Antarctic Expeditions – Travel to Antarctica – Voyager en Antarctique (version française à venir)

New voyages to Antarctica are popping up every year (please note: we have to book the popular expeditions one year in advance if not sooner). We now have some amazing itineraries that involve Australian departures; or you can leave from Antarctica and visit all those off-the-beaten-path islands in the middle of the Atlantic, ending in Cape Verde. Ask me about additional options. Based on my visit to South Georgia last March, if you want to experience King Penguins, this is the place. Seeing Emperor Penguins could prove more of a challenge. Please refer to my next escorted groups on:  Antarctica 2018

Value added services – Valeur ajoutée

I work with all the existing operators who travel these waters and I do not charge extra if you purchase these trips with me. I’ll guarantee value added expert advice and reliable services, and can suggest how to embellish your experience by adding exciting pre and post visits. I’ll work with you from beginning to end, discuss flight options, clothing, insurance, visas, local taxes, how to prevent sea sickness, etc. I will follow you during your trip, and will be eager for feedback when you return. I love hearing your stories.

Expedition Ships

The most accessible way to discover the Arctic and Antarctica is on board expedition ships. We now provide different degrees of size and comfort with ships, sailboats, and luxury yachts.

Educational Travel

The expeditions all include a very important educational component. We will travel with specialists (geologists, photographers, biologists, etc.) and create a great outdoor classroom experience. If you aren’t exploring in zodiacs, you will be comfortably seated in a small conference room listening to informative seminars.

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