when I’m in Africa, I am happy! Perhaps it’s the sound of drums grounding me, or the roar of a lion giving me goose bumps…



If you want to experience the most abundant wildlife in Africa, a visit to either the Serengeti in Tanzania or the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya are a must. Understanding seasonal weather patterns and wildebeest migrations are some of the factors that may come into play when developing an itinerary. I work closely with a small Tanzania operator who offers excellent guides and services, all with a personal and unique touch. My clients are all very very happy. I’m certain you’ll find Tanzanians to be a welcoming and friendly people.

Diversity: Other exciting african safaris can be found in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The diversity of these regions is breathtaking – landscapes, shorelines, mountains, and deserts. We mix our african safaris with local experiences, cultural exchanges and occasionally wine tasting packages in Capetown, South Africa. Africa is also about the people and their music, their rhythms, their traditions, their humble ways. When I think of Africa, I feel a close contact with the Earth, it’s soil.


Imagine a customized trip for just the two of you, and the intimacy and freedom you will experience. Trips to Tanzania start at $3500.00. If you travel with a small group of family or friends it will help reduce the cost.


I am putting together a land-based trip in South Africa  in  April, 2018. I’ll keep you posted.

J’organise un départ pour la Tanzanie en Novembre 2017, avec possibilité de visiter le Rwanda.


So African, so original: Riads in Morocco; mobile tents and permanent camps, tree houses and lodges in Kenya and Tanzania. It’s all about being close to the natural elements surrounding you.

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